about io

I guess I was around 15 when I started to do live shows and I have been doing them ever since. Yes, I´ve played with some famous people but I am not going to mention them here. I am no fan of name dropping. Either you like my music or not, I don´t think it has anything to do with whom I have been playing with before. They all inspired me and I have learned a lot from them and they all live inside my music today.


Music makes you feel and words makes you think. When I write a song, I want you to feel a thought. Doesn´t have to be my thought. Songs can mean so many different things and moments for different people.


"io" is italian and it means "me". I write about my life in my texts. My life has treated me colorful. There were times when I thought I was in control of it. I think life doesn´t necessary have to be perfect as long as it is not boring.


After all these albums made, when I sometimes listen to them myself, it is really like I am travelling back in time.

Photo By Jessica Hube