My Music

Most instruments on the songs I play myself. But I also had some brilliant Guest Musicians;(From Simply Red; Roman Roth, Kenji Suzuki and David Clayton).  Uli Heinzler,( From Söhne Mannheims Michael Kosho Koshorrek). Guido Bungenstock, Daniel Platisa.

Very Special Guest Musician; Joel Björkman.

Thanks to July Records, Switzerland.

Thanks to my favourite German Actress Susanne Jokiel for the

Cover photo to the Album 28 Street made by: sf/photos bearbeitet durch Joe Calvanelli.

Photo for "Home is not a place" by Renate Konrad

Many photos on this page and on my homepage made by my favourite photographer Jessica Hube

The Albums were recorded at; iostudio, Hamburg.

Joe Calvanelli