The Smile of the Wolf


The Manuscript is ready and I am looking for a publisher at the moment. More to come...


The book is a thriller, based on true stories. The main characters are;

Giro, from Eritrea, who escaped an impossible situation in the Eritrean army. His way through the African desert and over the Mediterranean sea. A journey where human smugglers never hesitated to use violence and even murder to earn as much as possible out of the human misery. After a dramatic journey over the Mediterranean sea Giro and his wife lands in the hands of the Sicilian Mafia.

Luca, lives in Sicily with his girlfriend Vanessa Terranova. Her family belongs to one of the most powerful mafia families in Italy. They are looking to increase their economic interests in the slavery of refugees in the Italian agriculture. Luca, who always tried his best to stay out of the organized crime, is appointed to take care of this part of the family business. But there are more families in Sicily who like to participate in the lucrative business.

Destiny brings Giro & Luca together and with joint effort they have to face the final countdown side by side.







Joe Calvanelli